Jakarta / Rangoon, September 6, 2017 (TASR / HSP / Photo: TASR / AP-Saurabh Das)

Indian Prime Minister Naréndra Módi today announced during the talks with Myanmaran State Aun Schan Su Ťij that she shares the concerns of the Myanmar authorities over “extremist violence” in the Jakhain State, especially with regard to violence against members of the security forces
Pictured by Indian Prime Minister Naréndra Módi

At a joint press conference in Rangoon, Mody, he furthermore hoped to find a way to resolve the crisis in Jakhain in a peaceful way, while preserving the territorial integrity of Myanmar and respecting human dignity and democratic values.
The fashion visit to Myanmar is taking place at the time of the escalation of tension in Jakhain, but also with an intensifying debate about the fate of Muslim refugees from the Rohing ethnic group who have resorted to India before the violence in Myanmar.
The Indian authorities have advised that they plan to expel about 40,000 migrants who have illegally entered the country and are allegedly members of the Rohini ethnic group.
The human rights activists and the representatives of the Rohini migrants themselves have invaded these intentions of the Indian authorities in court. They argue that the intentions of the Indian authorities are in contradiction with the constitution of the country and its international commitments in the humanitarian sphere.
The violence that is exposed in the Myanmar by the Rohing family is also criticized by Muslims in Indonesia. At the local capital of Jakarta, a protest meeting with the participation of about 1,000 Muslims took place today, the fourth day in a row, before the Embassy of Myanmar. Demonstrators have denounced violence in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar as a “genocide” targeting members of the Rohing family. They also demanded the expulsion of the Myanmar Ambassador from the country.

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